Heart Based Meditation @ Cloudflare, Inc.

We’re grateful to announce that Heart Based Institute will be bringing our heart based meditation to Cloudflare, helping employees relieve stress and enhance resiliency.

Starting in August, Heart Based Institute will be offering a series of 30-minute meditation introductions to employees. In partnership with Cloudflare’s Employee Resource Group “Mindflare”, these “drop-in” introductory sessions will take place twice per week via Zoom throughout the month of August.

Each session will be lead by experienced HBI instructors and will offer employees interactive sessions featuring:

  • a brief overview of the theory of the heart based practice and what makes it unique from other meditation modalities, including mindfulness;
  • our relaxation protocol, helping to ground participants in their bodies to support a solid foundation for the meditation;
  • a step-by-step guiding to help participants experience “True Heart Feelings” such as peace, calm, joy and gratitude;
  • a discussion and tips to help integrate the experience in both home and work.

If your organization is interested in partnering with us to bring heart based meditation to your workplace, please contact us.