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Who We Are

Heart Based Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing educational content and experiential learning to enjoy the profound benefits of heart-centered living.

Our Approach

Our approach helps participants connect to their spiritual heart, enhancing gratitude, peace, joy, and personal and spiritual growth.

Groundbreaking Research

We have partnered with universities, healthcare providers, and corporations to assess the positive impact and unique benefits of the Open Heart state.

Open Heart for Everyone - Free Zoom Program

This simple, yet profound free Zoom series helps participants naturally experience their heart, reducing stress and enhancing True Heart Feelings.

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New Study Shows Meditation Just as Impactful As Drug Therapies

Fill Your Day with Heart

Explore the latest in heart based living, education and research…and much more!

It's Mental Health Awareness Month! Here are 31 ideas to Support Well-Being In May

There are a number of “little things” that you can do to support your mental health. In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, here are 31 ideas-a-day you can easily do to help. We encourage you to try at least one each day this month! It’s important to be proactive!

Take Heart! New Types of Leaders Are Emerging for a Changing World

Whether you’re a social leader or change agent, learning to lead from the heart inspires others to feel that change is possible. It also encourages loyalty and builds powerful relationships built on kindness, caring and respect. Learn more about today’s new leaders!


Learn the clear differences between regulating our emotions through mind-based approaches – such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, or cognitive-behavioral strategies – and learning to open our spiritual heart and live a heart-centered life. 

Special Firsts—How Cotton the Dog and Romeo the Horse taught me to use my heart

In Part 2 of this continuing series, Dr. John Faherty shares some of his special animal chiropractic firsts. Learn how a dog and a horse led him to trust and integrate using the spiritual heart in his touching work with his many animal clients.

Experience the Simple, Enjoyable and Profound Open Heart Meditation®

Experience a guided Open Heart Meditation accompanied by heartfelt music to help you let go more easily, bringing you deeper into the gentle feelings and improving the benefits for mind,  body and spirit. Just relax, smile and enjoy!

How Having an open heart helps to Enhance & elevate mindfulness

In this insightful video, Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D., a psychologist with 40 years of extensive experience integrating meditation into therapeutic approaches, explains the profound interrelationship between mindfulness and “heartfulness.”

Our Programs

Through proven-effective training programs, we help individuals and organizations discover the profound and lasting benefits that living and working in heart-mind alignment brings.

Learn About Our Unique Approach

From striving to thriving, resistance to resilience, and disconnection to wholeness, our heart based approach naturally promotes happiness, health and well-being.

Resiliency Training for Organizations

During these challenging times, we are serving organizations providing front-line services with meditation, resiliency and stress reduction training free of charge.

A Fundamentally Different Meditation Practice

Rather than relying on the mind, Open Heart Meditation® naturally cleanses negative emotions and stress by connecting with our spiritual heart.

Participants Share from the Heart

Read about our groundbreaking research and explore partnership and training opportunities across a wide range of fields.

Effect of Open Heart Sate on Cancer Cells

Our 4-year trial demonstrated how a 15-minute heart based intervention reduced the spread of cancer cells up to 44%.

Comparing Mindfulness and Open Heart State

Our preliminary research showed the differences between resting, mindfulness and Open Heart states.

Stress Reduction via the Spiritual Heart

Numerous studies show the significant impact a heart-centered practice can have on burnout, stress and resilience.

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