Why the “Spiritual Heart” Is Key

While we may be able to achieve many positive accomplishments in our lives, improve our self-esteem and decrease our emotional reactivity, we may find that we still have a certain level of incompleteness. That lack cannot be fulfilled through our attempts to develop a healthier mind. The feeling of wholeness or completeness can only be found through our heart, the ever-present doorway to feel profound peace, gratitude, joy, and unconditional love.

Throughout history, many cultures and spiritual practices have emphasized the importance of following our heart, listening to our heart, and gaining wisdom and intelligence from our heart. This is not a coincidence. When we speak of the “heart” we are not referring to the physical organ but our spiritual heart. While this may be a new concept for some, it is analogous to the mind. While the brain is clearly physical in nature, the existence of the mind as a form of consciousness is universally accepted even though it cannot be detected on an MRI. 

Similarly, our spiritual heart embodies a level of consciousness unto itself. Most importantly, it is the key to our greatest fulfillment and the doorway to experiencing a deeper relationship with our Creator/True Source (or whatever terminology you are most comfortable with)one characterized by profound peace, gratitude, joy, safety, and Unconditional Love.

Naturally Experience Your Spiritual Heart

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Brain And Heart Riding Tandem Bicycle

Heart-Mind Alignment

From a young age we are taught respond to the world through our mind. While our mind is a beautiful gift, it is not the core of who we really are. The mind is not only limited by its ability to grasp certain concepts, it can be emotionally reactive and clouded by subjectivity in ways we may not be aware of. Many problems including stress, burnout, negative attitudes, unforgiveness, and relationship issues surface when our mind is stubbornly in charge. In order to experience heart-mind alignment and its many benefits, the Open Heart program helps our mind to become an ally carrying out the wisdom of our heart.

The Heart is Universal and Non-denominational

We believe that our connection to our spiritual heart transcends belief systems and cultures. At the core of every being is an innate longing to feel profoundly safe and unconditionally loved. The universal Open Heart curriculum offers a practical way to easily experience the many benefits of the heart, regardless of one’s beliefs. Even participants who consider themselves agnostic or atheist are frequently able to experience positive heart feelings that enhance the quality of relationships, meaning and purpose in life.

Child at Desk with Heart

Relying on the Heart

While our educational systems help us develop our mind, schools and spiritual institutions rarely (if ever) show us how to use and strengthen our spiritual heart. And it is this process, nurturing our key connection, that supports us in living a well-balanced and fulfilled life. Through our experiential programs we teach people how to:

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