Heart Based Therapeutics® Research Collaborations

Heart Based Institute researches the effects of being in Heart Based Presence on managing stress, preventing burnout and compassion fatigue, positively impacting therapeutic and business team outcomes, and deepening our connection to others. We have partnered with a number of universities, healthcare providers, and corporations to assess the positive impact and unique benefits of Heart Based Therapeutics and its related form of Heart Based Meditation by using a combination of clinical trials, independent third party evaluations and self-assessments

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Therapeutic Training Programs

Results From Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

Heart Based Institute partnered with MAHEC (Mountain Area Health Education Center), the largest continuing health education center in Western North Carolina, and conducted more than 20 courses with over 150 students from various human service provider professions. In addition to numerous and substantial benefits with respect to client outcomes, significant increases in skill-based competencies were also reported in the areas of knowledge, patient care, practice-based learning, and communication skills.


Positive Client Outcomes & personal impact

Results from Vaya Health

Vaya Health, a managed care organization providing North Carolina Medicaid funds to mental health agencies, conducted a Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation with graduates from our Support Specialist certification program. A six month follow-up post-training assessment indicated that 83% of participants reported valuable benefits with respect to client outcomes. Post-training assessment also revealed high levels of beneficial personal and professional impact regarding increased positive feelings, more resiliency, enhanced well-being and job/work satisfaction, improved interpersonal relationships, and decreased burnout. 

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Workplace Burnout & Stress Relief

Results from Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, Inc., one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, partnered with us in introducing Heart Based Meditation as a tool for its employees to reduce and manage stress. Measured before/after impact among participants was immediate and substantive. Results demonstrate that changes to corporate culture can easily be achieved through Heart Based Therapeutics. 

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