Our Heart Based Approach

The core tenet of our approach is that our deepest knowing, our deepest connections, and our deepest, most fulfilling experiences in life are accessed through our spiritual heart’s connection to True Source, the Source of Unconditional Love and the Source of our spirit or true self.

The origins of Open Heart are multicultural and date back thousands of years. Most cultures can find historical context indicating the importance of following our heart, listening to our heart, speaking from our heart, or knowing the truth in the core of our heart. These phrases have survived the test of time because they ring true to the deepest part of our authentic selves. Yet despite this innate and pervasive knowledge about the importance of our heart, most approaches emphasize that the key to the personal growth process is through the doorway of the mind.

Our Open Heart approach allows participants to personally experience the connection to their spiritual heart in a unique and profound way. Through the process of connecting to and opening their heart, participants can find meaning, authenticity, gratitude, happiness, fulfillment, and personal and spiritual growth.

Positive change begins with a systematic approach to learning to relax and naturally enjoy the positive feelings of the heart. This provides the foundation for allowing the heart and mind to come into proper alignment – a state in which profound transformation can take place – facilitating the healing of emotional reactivity patterns, unresolved issues and stress.

Practices such as Open Heart Meditation® and Open Heart for Everyone feature a practical, effective and uniquely enjoyable heart based approach that:

open heart meditation

Being Guided by Innate Heart Intelligence

We’ve all heard about the importance of listening to our heart and being guided by its wisdom and intelligence. However, our educational experiences have typically encouraged and trained us to cultivate and strengthen our mind rather than our heart. We have never been taught how to naturally connect with our heart and experience the many ways our heart can directly support us in enhancing every aspect of our daily lives. A heart based approach provides a unique opportunity to naturally incorporate heart-mind alignment into our decisions and actions so that they are guided by innate heart wisdom that is present through our spiritual heart’s connection to True Source.

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