Our Vision

To inspire a paradigm shift in how professionals function and serve others, bringing the mind and spiritual heart into alignment so all may experience peace, joy and gratitude as their predominant state of being.

Our Mission

Heart Based Institute teaches human service providers and business professionals to live heart-centered lives, helping them manage stress, enhance resiliency and improve outcomes.

Who We Are

We founded Heart Based Institute in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to develop a curriculum specifically for human service providers and business professionals to fully experience the many benefits of heart-centered living and improve outcomes for the people they work with. In our training, therapists, peer support specialists, physicians, nurses, educators and business professionals have learned to bring their hearts and minds into alignment to prevent burnout, alleviate trauma, communicate from the heart and experience peace, joy and gratitude in their professional and personal lives.

Wellness Dimensions

What We Believe

  • Our heart is the connection to the core of who we truly are, which is beyond the limitations we impose on ourselves.
  • This connection is not rooted in any particular spiritual path but is based on the belief that there is a Universal Source that Loves us Unconditionally and completely.
  • People should be viewed as siblings on a journey that is life, not as outsiders with problems or disorders.
  • Problems, unproductive emotions and disorders often occur when the heart and mind are not in alignment.
  • Heart-Mind alignment is something that can be achieved effortlessly and greatly reduces emotional reactivity and suffering.
  • Opening our heart and experiencing the true heart feelings of peace, joy and gratitude leads to profound transformations in all aspects of life.

Feel free to explore our training or contact us to develop a custom program for your organization.