A Fundamentally Different Meditation Practice

Open Heart Meditation® is a natural practice to cleanse negative emotions from our spiritual heart, relieve anxiety, reduce stress and help us to feel calmer, more peaceful, and joyful in our daily life. This simple and beautiful meditation brings significant benefits by opening our spiritual heart. While this form of meditation is spiritual in nature, it is intentionally non-denominational, connecting our heart to True Source, which is a universal term for the Source of Unconditional Love, our Creator, or God. Open Heart Meditation is formulated by Irmansyah Effendi MSc., founder of Natural Way of Living

Easy to Learn

Immediate Benefits

Whether you are a beginner to meditation or looking to enjoy the benefits of living a heart-centered life, this may be the perfect practice for you. Open Heart Meditation does not use specific techniques such as focusing, visualization, following the breath, mantra, or using intention. It is very different from becoming the “aware witness” of our thoughts and emotional patterns typically found in mindfulness.

Instead, Open Heart Meditation lovingly guides us to relax and allow our spiritual heart to open through our connection with True Source. While simply enjoying the beautiful and positive feelings that arise naturally from our spiritual heart, True Source Love effortlessly dissolves our limiting emotional patterns.  This allows us to feel more peaceful, joyful and grateful in our everyday lives.

Amelle Meditating

Experience a Guided Open Heart Meditation®

This guided Open Heart Meditation is accompanied by heartfelt music to help you let go more easily, bringing you deeper into the gentle feelings and improving the benefits for mind and body. We invite you to experience this meditation by clicking on the video below.

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