Announcing Our New “Video Vignette” Series

By Jim Van Huysse

We’re grateful to announce our new series of “video vignettes” on various topics related to the spiritual heart.

These videos will give a window into our training program, providing bite-sized segments on various topics such as the importance of gratitude and explanation of “the Heart Zone,” and experiential offerings to help you enjoy the heart even more.

Our First Videos…

Our first two videos feature a brief overview about Heart Based Meditation, followed by a 12 minute introduction featuring:

  • our relaxation protocol, helping to ground you in your body in ways you may not have experienced before;
  • turning on the “on switch” to bring our awareness from the head to the heart;
  • a step-by-step guiding to experiencing “True Heart Feelings” such as peace, calm, joy and gratitude;
  • tips to allow the experience of these feelings to bring you deeper into the heart.

Both the intro and the guided meditation are led by PhD Psychologist and HBI co-founder Dr. Ed Rubenstein, who has been practicing meditation for over 45 years and integrating the heart based approach into his therapeutic practice since 2003.

We hope you’ll enjoy these and future videos in the video vignette series and — more importantly — the joy that can be found within your spiritual heart: