Intro to the Many benefits of Opening our heart

Why Our Spiritual Heart Is the Key​

The importance of following our heart has been emphasized throughout history and spans cultures, yet we were never taught how to access the peace, joy and calmness that comes from opening our spiritual heart.


How open heart elevates mindfulness

Dr. Ed Rubenstein, PhD, a psychologist with 40 years experience integrating meditation into therapeutic approaches, explains the profound differences between mindfulness and “heartfulness”…

Enjoy Guided Open Heart Meditation®

Enjoy an 8 Minute Guided Heart Preparation for Prayers & Daily Life

Enjoy a gentle guided Heart Preparation that naturally connects, opens and fills your heart and whole self with calmness, peace, beauty, and happiness.

Experience Open Heart Meditation®

Enjoy a guided Open Heart Meditation accompanied by heartfelt music to help you let go more easily, bringing you deeper into the gentle feelings and improving the benefits for mind and body. Relax, smile and enjoy!

True Heart Feelings & Unconditional Love

True Heart Feelings

Exploring the differences between cognitive emotions and the True feelings experienced through our spiritual heart including peace, joy, calmness and gratitude.

Unconditional Love vs. "Energy"

What does it mean to have “good energy”? How is this different from experiencing Unconditional Love? How can we experience Unconditional Love in our daily lives?

Video Series: Sam's Story of Heart, Spirituality & Gratitude

Sam’s Story: the Keys to Life and Spirituality

Two months before his passing from ALS, founding HBI Board member Sam Sutker beautifully shares what is most important in life, his connection to his heart and feelings on spirituality.

Gracefully Living with ALS

Sam shares his experience with ALS over the course of 11 months, including how he stayed grateful even as the disease progresses.

Sam audio interview (Pt. 1): Living an Authentic Life

12 days before his passing, Sam shares the importance of keeping things simple, being lighthearted, the pitfalls of projection, and practicing acceptance and kindness. Part 1 of a two-part audio interview.

Sam audio interview (Pt 2): On Forgiveness

Part two of Sam’s interview 12 days before his passing, focusing on the importance of forgiveness, the burden of unforgiveness, and how to facilitate the process of forgiveness of self and others.

Video Series: Supporting Mental Health in Teens & Adults

About Dr. Ed Rubenstein

HBI’s Director of Education, psychologist Dr. Ed Rubenstein, shares his extensive professional background, diverse meditation experience, and inspiring spiritual journey.

Heart Elevates Mind-Based Approach

Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D. discusses the difference between heart and mind-based approaches, how heartfulness elevates mindfulness, and how the “missing ingredient” is the non-physical / spiritual heart.

Why Teach Kids About the Heart?

Dr. Ed Rubenstein, Director of Education for HBI, discusses the importance of the educating children about the heart and how to connect with the contentment, happiness, and heartfelt gratitude within.

Our Heart as a Healer of Trauma

Can you heal any wound through the heart?  As Dr. Rubenstein explains, our heart’s connection to the Source of Unconditional Love – the Source of our true self – is the greatest healer.

Keys to Support Young People in Overcoming Challenges

Young people and teenagers have been going through a very challenging and concerning time and, as Dr. Rubenstein shares, teaching them how to b heart-centered and have the heart and mind work as a team is critical.

Helping Teens find their way & Overcome Burdens

Psychologist Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D.  discusses creating meaningful rites of passage that really bond our young people so they can feel they are in meaningful connection with a community of caring elders or wisdom keepers.

How to Experience the Heart

Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D. guides participants to feel how natural and easy it is to be heart-centered by relaxing, touching and smiling to our heart, and saying yes to that connection, and beginning to feel what’s there…