Heart Based Resiliency for Human Service Providers

Reducing Compassion Fatigue by Accessing the Spiritual Heart

Studies have consistently shown that workplace stress has a negative impact on employee health and productivity. Additionally, research demonstrates that human service providers are at significant risk for suffering burnout and compassion fatigue, especially when their clients are working through the effects of trauma.

Many non-profit and community service organizations, medical and mental health professionals, teachers, law enforcement, and first and other emergency responders are under extreme stress and are having challenges managing during these exceptionally challenging times. 

As a 501 (c)(3), Heart Based Institute is offering Open Heart Meditation® classes, free of charge, to support people and organizations so that they can:

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Happy Students in Training

Changing Corporate Culture

Effectively Reducing Workplace Stress Through Our Open Heart Approach

Increasing resiliency and decreasing stress are critical first steps in making the workplace a happier, healthier and more productive place, especially in fast-evolving environments. This is critical to the success and health of an organization.

During these challenging times, the priority of Heart Based Institute is serving organizations that are providing front line services, though limited slots are available to provide meditation training across all industries free of charge. 

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