"Open Heart for Everyone" Free online Zoom Series

An Inclusive Program Truly Designed for All of Us

Open Heart for Everyone is a free program consisting of five, one-hour sessions conducted once per week on Zoom. Each series of courses is conducted by instructors who have spent years practicing our heart based approach and span cultures, backgrounds, and time zones. Thousands of people from across the world have enjoyed the benefits of these courses.

Small Class Size: Class size is limited to allow for a more intimate and individualized experience. 

Specialized Themes: A series may have a unique theme such as dealing with stress or recovering from cancer. Although themes vary, the experiential component is primarily the same in all sessions, providing a unique opportunity for participants to enjoy simple, but uniquely effective exercises led by experienced guides. 

Universal and Non-Denominational: While Open Heart for Everyone is spiritual in nature, it is presented in a universal, non-denominational format. The term True Source is used for the Source of Unconditional Love and the Source of our true self. Participants come from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds and are encouraged to use whatever terminology is most comfortable for them.

Psychological and Spiritual Benefits

New Study Shows Meditation Just as Impactful As Drug Therapies

Results That Take You from Striving to Thriving

People often think that in order to achieve dramatic results from meditation, they must spend many hours of disciplined practice. Unlike mind-based meditation practices, the Open Heart approach allows our spiritual heart and mind to come into harmonious alignment, allowing us to function more optimally. We feel that we are thriving in life rather than striving or surviving.

Many participants in this series report that even after the first session they experience levels of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude they never experienced before. This includes people who have never meditated or people who have tried a variety of other meditation techniques with limited success. For some, it may take longer, but by the fifth session, nearly all participants report significant benefits.

Please visit the Open Heart for Everyone registration page to find a time that is convenient for you.