Announcing the Open Heart in Daily Life Mini-Series

By Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D.

Open Heart in Daily Life

Dr. Ed Rubenstein is Director of Education for Heart Based Institute and an instructor for our partner Natural Way of Living, which will be offering a series of introductory heart-centered workshops September 25-26

Overcoming our burdens

In my profession as a psychologist, I have been alarmed at the number of people experiencing significant challenges managing stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue.  For sure we collectively face many uncertainties amplified by the COVID epidemic, climate change, and political turmoil.  Yet at the same time, it is very clear to me that we all have an opportunity to learn how to integrate the experience of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude into our daily lives. While this may seem unrealistic – or even impossible – given the challenges we face, it can actually happen quite easily when we rely on our spiritual heart.

To help integrate these positive feelings into our everyday experience, Heart Based Institute’s partner Natural Way of Living is offering a mini-series of online workshops called Open Heart In Daily Life.

about open heart in daily life

This experiential series is comprised of six 3-hour workshops conducted live via Zoom, with each session building on the prior workshop. In Level 1, participants will be guided to activate their spiritual heart, the center of peacefulness, calmness, and happiness. In Level 2, instructors provide opportunities to experience the heart and these true heart feelings more deeply.  Subsequent levels help participants to integrate their experience into their day-to-day lives even when faced with challenging circumstances.

This universal and non-denominational approach provides an effortless natural method to experience the benefits of opening our heart through our connection with True Source (or whatever terminology participants prefer in for Higher Power, God, etc.), the Source of Unconditional Love, and the Source of our true self.

benefits of the heart based approach

By allowing our heart to open through our direct connection with True Source:

  • We feel calmer, more peaceful, and lighter and happier in daily life;
  • Stress and unproductive emotions are greatly reduced;
  • Our experience of gratitude is deeply enhanced; and
  • Our Unconditional Loving relationship with True Source is experienced more tangibly and clearly.

uniquely effective

Many people who feel that they have plateaued in other meditation practices have experienced major breakthroughs through the heart-based approach.  Also, people with no meditation experience frequently experience positive results right from the start of the Open Heart in Daily Life series.  

If you would like to explore how our heart is the key connection and doorway to our deepest fulfillment, these workshops will help you to experience your spiritual heart in ways that you may never have felt before, helping to transform every aspect of life.

To learn register for upcoming Open Heart workshops, please visit our partner Natural Way of Living