Leading from the Heart

By Derick Cater, HBI Board Member

Over the last decade, the call for new ways of leading and working together has been growing louder and louder. Movements such as B-Corp, Servant Leadership, Conscious Capitalism, Teal, and many more have identified that the characteristics of future leaders will require a high degree of emotional intelligence, adaptability, collaboration, and authenticity…among other key qualities.

The pandemic and accompanying state of uncertainty over the last year have only accelerated the need for more caring, compassionate and empathetic leaders who not only embody well-being but have the ability and training to effectively create a healthy environment for those in their care to flourish. 

While I have been lucky enough to work with  communities, organizations and networks whose leaders have been successful in developing such nurturing ecosystems, I’ve also seen the many challenges they face when trying to balance executive priorities, employee needs, and their own family and personal responsibilities. 

Within this ever-shifting organizational landscape which requires constant attention, balance and adaptation and produces periods of uncertainty, conditions related to overwhelm, fatigue, and mental and physical exhaustion often develop as a result of trying to keep up.  

From personal experience as well as coaching other leaders over the past year, I’ve learned that when we lead from the heart we naturally shift into a place of peace, calm, lightness, and gratitude…allowing us to directly and effortlessly enjoy a sense of inner well-being.  

Within this heart-centered state of being, we are able to envision possibilities that are otherwise out of reach to us when we are stressed.  We are also more present for the people we care for and manage, helping them feel heard and understood, which creates stronger emotional bonds and relationships.  Additionally, heart based leadership fosters an environment where respect, compassion, guidance, and collaboration seamlessly become the culture. This creates feelings of togetherness, shared purpose, and acceptable authenticity where people are encouraged and supported in showing up as their whole selves. As a result, personal and organizational health, motivation, innovation, and productivity are organically increased.

However, please don’t just take my word for it! Begin to naturally experience the benefits of true heart feelings for yourself. Join us for the upcoming A2A Conference to learn how leading from the heart can shift your well-being and support you in becoming an essential instrument of positive growth and change within your organization.

Derick is the founder of Heart-Centered Coaching and a board member of Heart Based Institute. As a heart-centered coach, meditation guide, facilitator, and consultant, Derick works with organizations and individuals to integrate heart-centered values, growth and transformation into work and daily life. Previously, Derick worked as the Chief Community Builder for a Human Workplace , Well-Being Officer for a government contractor, and as a management consultant.