Take a Sweet Bite out of Holiday Stress! Learn Simple Ways to Greet them with Heart

In addition to joy and connection, we know that the holidays can be a time of stress and overwhelm for many, also triggering sadness as we remember loved ones who aren’t present.  Taking a heart based approach to navigating the holidays provides a natural way to find internal peace and comfort and helps ease difficult emotions such as grief, anxiety and depression. Below are seven simple ways to approach the holidays with heart!

“Doing good” for others makes our heart feel good.  So give back to a cause that holds personal meaning.  Whether financially or through volunteer work, donate in some way.

Have a grateful heart and share it. Take some time every day to find things that you are thankful for and express your feelings to others.  Our hearts are naturally created to feel and share gratitude!

Nurture yourself and your heart through quality self-care. Take time during this busy and stressful stretch to maintain a regular sleep/rest, eating and exercise routine.  Make caring actions and a loving attitude toward yourself a priority.  Be selective with your time and commitments. It’s okay to say no.

Add meaningful pauses or meditation to promote relaxation and a greater sense of well-being. Incorporate meaningful breaks to meditate, breathe, stretch, daydream, and quietly stop to appreciate the present moment.  Remember, our spiritual heart is the key connection for us to experience feelings of peace, calmness, gratitude, and joy.

Be aware of your attitude and focus on the positive.  Accept that the holidays will not always be smooth sailing.  When negative waves surface, choose to manage the stress from the heart level so you can naturally respond rather than emotionally react.  Also, exercise regularly in your own way and pace to enhance body, brain and mood.

Actively experience some kind of joy every day.  Make a daily plan to do something that brings a happy feeling to your heart like singing along with a favorite song, watching a movie that makes you laugh, going for a pretty walk in nature, playing with a pet, reconnecting with an old friend, baking cookies, reading a meaningful book, learning a new hobby…the what is not important…the joyful heart feeling is!

Smile to others and to your own heart!  Smiling not only provides many well-documented health benefits including reduced stress levels and a strengthened immune system, but it also helps our spiritual heart.  Smiling while gently touching our heart at the center of our chest helps us to connect to our heart and free the natural true heart feelings that are always accessible! Learn more!