What Does It Really Mean to Open Our Spiritual Heart? Listen Now to Episode 3 of Our New Podcast Series

The third episode of our new podcast series – “Our Spiritual Heart” is now available! Listen to “Our Spiritual Heart is the Spiritual Doorway” using the player below or on Spotify! Co-hosted by Kelsey Anderson and Kathy Grant, psychologist Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D. will be discussing, among other topics, what it really means to “open our spiritual hearts” and the profound significance it holds in healing our lives. Dr. Ed shares that “deep within us, beyond our self-imposed limitations, beyond our mind, lies our spiritual heart. This is where the essence of who we truly are resides. It’s the key to experiencing genuine joy, happiness and fulfillment.”

A More Perfect mind Is not the key to opening Our Spiritual heart

In Ed’s role as a Ph.D. level psychologist, he spent many years diligently teaching numerous mind-body interventions and mind based meditation approaches in a variety of clinical settings; and as he discusses, he was very committed to sharing these approaches. However, nearly 25 years ago, he realized through his own heart-felt experiences that these mind based methods were limited and that our heart was the missing ingredient to address and access the spiritual dimension of our lives. In this episode, Ed explains that our mind often thinks that our spiritual heart is more open than it actually is. It is only the unconditional Love of True Source–and not any of our efforts, intentions, discipline, or even being the “mindful witness”–that can completely open our spiritual hearts. It is important for us to realize and accept that no amount of our effort or special talents can spiritually do for us what the Love of True Source can do.

Our growing list of podcast topics

Subsequent installments will feature a variety of guest speakers sharing lively insights and practical approaches covering such areas as heart-centered living, spiritual growth, well-being, relationships, leadership, and professional development. During the first 15 episodes of this series, we will explore such topics as:

  • An understanding of our spiritual heart
  • How our heart is the key to our connection with God, Creator, or what we refer to as True Source
  • The limitations of living with a dominant mind
  • The many profound benefits of opening our spiritual heart
  • Why the time we are living in is a spiritually special time
  • Why an open spiritual heart is the safest place to be
  • Spiritual principles for building a solid spiritual foundation
  • The trap of the performance based model
  • The illusion of spiritually trying to “get good enough”

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We invite you to listen to our newest episode of “Our Spiritual Heart” and share it with your friends and family! More episodes will be available very soon. This is our first podcast series and we look forward to receiving your feedback. Whether reviews, comments, suggestions, episode ideas, questions…we welcome it all! Send us an email!

On behalf of HBI, we are smiling to your heart with Love and gratitude.