Park & Battery Launches Second Heart Based Meditation Series to Address Mental Well-Being

Building on previous success, Heart Based Institute (HBI) in partnership with global marketing agency Park & Battery is pleased to announce that the next heart-centered meditation series for employees and clients starts on March 14 and runs until April 11, 2023. This fundamentally different approach to meditation aligns the heart and mind to reduce stress, alleviate burnout, enhance resiliency, and promote calmness and happiness.

An increasing number of studies reinforce the critical need for well-being programs that combat burnout, which widely afflicts the advertising/marketing/communications industry. Recent data from Accenture and Forbes, respectively, highlight the need for immediate action – 70% of marketing executives said that the past year had exhausted their employees; 83% of marketing and communication professionals now report burnout. As part of the company’s commitment and comprehensive approach to well-being, Park & Battery is offering the program at no cost.

If you’re interested in bringing the Open Heart for Everyone program to your organization, please contact us.