Teaming Up with Cloudflare, Inc., HBI Brings Heart to Mental Health Awareness Month

We are so grateful to announce that HBI will be providing free, drop-in heart based meditation sessions to employees of Cloudflare, a Web performance and security company based in the United States. Heart Based Institute is working with Cloudflare’s Employee Resource Group “Mindflare” to deliver the practice to both U.S. and International employees, helping reduce stress and enhance “True Heart Feelings” such as peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude among participants. 

These 30-minute, interactive sessions will be led by experienced instructors and feature:

  • a brief introduction on the spiritual heart and what makes this uniquely experiential type of meditation different;
  • a deep relaxation protocol, serving as the foundation for this heart-centered practice;
  • proven-effective, feeling-centered practices to open and strengthen the spiritual heart; and
  • participant discussion and sharing around the experience.

These sessions will take place throughout the month of May, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month, helping to provide direct support and raise awareness for the millions of people impacted by mental illness. 

If your organization is interested in bringing a heart based approach to the workplace, please contact us to explore customized program options.