Global Marketing Agency, Park & Battery, launches Innovative Program to Proactively Address Mental Well-Being

In Partnership with Heart Based Institute (HBI), the Inaugural 5-week Program Launches During Mental Health Awareness Month for Employees and Clients

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OAKLAND, CA, May 27, 2022 – Park & Battery today announced its partnership with Heart Based Institute (HBI) to offer a fundamentally different approach to meditation that aligns the heart and mind to reduce stress, alleviate burnout, enhance resiliency, and promote calmness and happiness. Park & Battery is offering the program at no cost as part of their commitment and comprehensive approach to well-being for employees as well as clients. The inaugural 5-week program launched during Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

An increasing number of studies reinforce the essentialness of well-being programs to combat burnout, which afflicts the advertising/marketing/communications industry. Recent data from Accenture and Forbes, respectively, highlight the need for immediate action – 70% of marketing executives said that the past year had exhausted their employees; 83% of marketing and communication professionals now report burnout.

“The time for only talking about supporting an individuals’ well-being is over. Action is long overdue, especially in the marketing and advertising industry, said Ted Kohnen, Park & Battery’s CEO. “This is also a unique opportunity to connect and form deeper relationships with our clients that, in turn, can dramatically improve collaboration, communication, understanding and outcome success.”

Park & Battery’s program is led by Heart Based Institute co-founder and licensed psychologist, Ed Rubenstein, PhD. Rubenstein has been at the forefront of the human potential field for over 30 years. He is joined by HBI’s Executive Director and Board Member, Jim Van Huysse. Jim brings over 25 years of operational experience to HBI, leading organizations as well as strategic planning, marketing, business development functions within Fortune 100 companies and numerous startups.

“The leadership team at Park & Battery are really putting their people and clients’ well-being first and leading the way for the industry,” said Executive Director, Jim Van Huysse. “We founded Heart Based Institute in 2003 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to educate and help people from all backgrounds to fully experience the many benefits of heart-centered living in all aspects of life. Through programs such as “Open Heart for Everyone”, created by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc tens of thousands of people have learned to bring their hearts and minds into alignment to alleviate stress, communicate from the heart and experience peace, joy and gratitude.”

Park & Battery’s Ted Kohnen adds, “Performance, happiness and peacefulness are intrinsically intertwined. We are thrilled to partner with Heart Based Institute to bring an innovative, yet proven, approach to helping individuals move from striving to thriving, resistance to resilience, and disconnection to wholeness.”

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About Heart Based Institute (HBI)

Founded in 2003, Heart Based Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing specialized training for individuals and organizations to utilize a heart-based approach to manage stress, enhance resiliency and improve outcomes. Our vision is to inspire a paradigm shift in how people function and serve others, bringing the heart and mind into alignment so all may experience peace, joy and gratitude as their predominant state of being. Learn more at


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