A Holistic Heart Based Approach to Meditation & Relaxation

Core Component of Our Professional Training and Research

Meditation and relaxation are core components of our Heart Based Therapeutics® training programs and research initiatives. Our form of Heart Based Meditation is designed for professionals interested in:

Amelle Meditating

Experience an Introductory Guiding

Enjoy an introduction to this profound, heart based form of meditation as Dr. Ed Rubenstein guides a participant through the basic steps of relaxation, heart strengthening, and experiencing True Heart Feelings.

Heart Based Meditation

A fundamentally different approach to experiencing peace, calm and joy

Heart Based Institute teaches participants a universal, enjoyable, easy to learn, and time effective heart based approach to relaxation and meditation that naturally promotes health and well-being while reducing stress and preventing burnout. This is fundamentally different from many forms of meditation in that it does not utilize visualization, mantras, directed intention, observing as a witness, focus, energy channeling, or energy cultivation. 

Heart Based Meditation is a simple way to connect to the natural state of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude through the heart’s connection to the Source of Unconditional Love. It is easy to learn and no prior meditation experience is needed – just a heart and a smile!

Begin to understand and enjoy the many transformative benefits that living in heart-mind alignment brings by exploring our online courses. Continuing education hours are available for many human service disciplines.

Easy to Learn

Immediate Benefits

We partnered with MAHEC (Mountain Area Health Education Center), the largest continuing health education center in Western North Carolina, and conducted trainings with over 150 human service providers. Each student took an assessment immediately before and after the training indicating their stress, relaxation and other criteria on a 10-point scale. 

As illustrated below, using a scale rating of 1 to 10, participated rated themselves on average before and after attending a Heart Based Therapeutics Meditation & Relaxation workshop. After just one six-hour course, participants reported a dramatic positive impact.


A) How relaxed do you feel right now?

B) How peaceful, calm and grateful do you feel right now?


C) How much overwhelm do you feel when you think about life?

D) How much overwhelm do you feel when you think about work 

Contact us to learn more about experiencing Heart Based Meditation and how our proven-effective meditation and relaxation programs can benefit your organization.