Effectively Reducing Workplace Stress

Through Heart Based Meditation and Resiliency Training

Studies have consistently shown that workplace stress has a negative impact on employee health and productivity. Heart Based Meditation, including the more advanced True Source of Love Meditation, teaches participants how to:

  • Use their spiritual heart to enhance peace, calm joy and gratitude
  • Utilize relaxation protocols to decrease muscle guarding/bracing
  • Recognize and diffuse patterns of emotional reactivity
  • Share Unconditional Love from their heart’s connection with others at work and home

Heart Based Meditation Introduced at Pfizer

Significant Before and After Impact

Pfizer, Inc., one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, partnered with Heart Based Institute in introducing Heart Based Meditation as a tool for its employees to reduce stress. The measured before/after impact among participants was immediate and significant.

How Relaxed do You Feel Right Now?

Very Relaxed: Pre - 10% / Post - 60%
Pre 10%
Post 60%
Somewhat Relaxed: Pre - 27% / Post 36%
Pre 27%
Post 36%
Neither Relaxed Nor Stressed: Pre - 12% / Post 4%
Post 4%
Somewhat Stressed: Pre - 43% / Post 0%
Pre 43%
Post 0%
Very Stressed: Pre 8% / Post 0%
Pre 8%
Post 0%

How Relaxed do You Feel When You Think About Work?

Very Relaxed: Pre - 2% / Post 22%
Pre 2%
Post 22%
Somewhat Relaxed: Pre - 14% / Post 42%
Post 42%
Neither Relaxed Nor Stressed: Pre - 33% / Post 22%
Pre 33%
Post 22%
Somewhat Stressed: Pre - 39% / Post 10%
Pre 39%
Post 10%
Very Stressed: Pre - 12% / Post - 4%
Post 4%

Changing Corporate Culture

Through Heart Based Communication

While increasing resiliency and decreasing stress are critical first steps in making the workplace a happier, healthier and more productive place, improving communication, collaboration and conflict resolution, especially in fast evolving environments, are just as critical to the success of an organization.

Contact us to develop a custom offering for your organization. One-day and multiple day workshops are available.