Sharing Heart Based Therapeutics®

Heart Based Institute also offers two certification tracks geared towards peer support specialists and therapist practitioners that extend the benefits of Heart Based Therapeutics to the people they serve. These comprehensive programs teach participants specific modalities to build therapeutic alliance with those they serve, maintain healthy boundaries, and guide clients to relax, become more grounded and diffuse negative emotional patterns.

Vaya Health, a managed care organization providing North Carolina Medicaid funds to mental health agencies, conducted a Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation of human service providers working at these agencies that were trained in Heart Based Meditation and completed our Support Specialist certification program. In addition to having a positive impact on client outcomes, post-training assessment revealed high levels of personal and professional benefit regarding increased positive feelings, more resiliency, enhanced well-being and job/work satisfaction, improved interpersonal relationships, and decreased burnout.

Positive Impact on Client Outcome

Of those participants that incorporated Heart Based Therapeutics skills with clients, including True Source of Love Meditation, 83% reported at least some level of  positive impact on client outcomes.

Much Better - 44%
A Little Better - 39%
About the Same - 17%
A Little Worse - 0%
Much Worse - 0%

Valuable Skills Helping to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes

Participants in our certification programs learn practical yet powerful skills that can directly and effectively improve outcomes with clients and their work environments. As part of Vaya’s study conducted with participants in our MAHEC-sponsored certification programs, significant increases in the following skill-based competencies were reported. MAHEC (Mountain Area Health Education Center) is the largest continuing health education center in Western North Carolina, and through our partnership we have conducted over 20 course trainings with hundreds of students from various human service provider professions. 


Patient Care

Practice-Based Learning

Communication Skills

SUMMIT Support Specialist Group

Heart Based Support Specialist Certification

This 4-day (24 CEU) training program is specially designed to meet the needs of healthcare and mental health professionals, enabling participants to become more effective peer support specialists, coaches, mentors, or therapists. Program elements include:

Heart Based Therapeutics® Therapist Certification

For licensed therapists who have completed core training and support specialist certification, this 4-day advanced series teaches participants a uniquely effective protocol to diffuse their clients’ trauma, burdens and unresolved issues.

In addition to the 4-day series above, this certification includes:

Certification also requires participants to take part in at least two clinical consultations for case study review.

Woman in Workshop Taking Notes

Both levels of certification require a minimum number of participants. Please contact us for more details.