In their own words, our participants share their personal and heart-felt experiences.

Sharing From the Heart

Our Heart Based Therapeutics® courses and certification programs have been presented to a diverse professional audience across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, mental health, research, education, and business. Please read what participants have to say about their experiences.

Your workshop presented a new understanding, and approach to stress management and positive well being that was unique, refreshing, practical, and effective. The workshop generated an unexpected sense of well-being, change, understanding and renewal.

Maritza Tennassee, MD, M.P.H., MHSc., PAHO/World Health Organization Senior Advisor, Workers’ and Consumers’ Health Sustainable Development and Environmental Health

You will learn a clear description and practical examples of how our habits of the mind interfere with experiencing the true feelings of our heart. I have been able to help my clients identify patterns that exacerbate their misery, as well as provides simple ways of addressing common pitfalls/challenges that block the true feelings of our heart. The result is a more authentic, grateful, connected life, a life guided by the heart.

Malissa Turney, M.A., LPC, SEP, Asheville, NC

As a medical practitioner with a strong interest in “mind-body” medicine and after having explored various forms of meditation through direct personal experience and clinical research I unreservedly endorse this training. This heart based approach is key for facilitating such a journey into the heart with many positive and transformative experiences and insights as a result.

Patrick McHugh, Physician and Researcher, Gisborne New Zealand

Teaching my professional golfers to shift into positive feelings on command has been very valuable. Learning to experience the “heart zone” where negative thoughts do not arise helps them to have an “edge” in their golf game. Most importantly, they have reported feeling confident in managing everyday stress and a deeper sense of fulfillment in all aspects of their life.

David Leadbetter Golf Academy, World Headquarters, ChampionsGate, FL

A profound approach to help you understand, realize and experience the differences between a dominant mind, emotions and the heart. The combination of insight, realization and the practical exercises can help to make significant changes in oneself. It is an important and much-needed marriage between psychology and the heart, as the source of calmness, peacefulness, and joy. I would recommend these workshops to any professional or person willing to take an honest look at themselves and begin the journey of the unfolding of the heart towards true happiness and a healthier way of relating to themselves and to others, be they clients, family, friends, colleagues or anyone. With continued daily practice one can begin to feel and experience the beautiful heart feelings at a deeper level than one could possibly imagine.

Esmée Rotmans, Dip Couns & Psych, Registered MBACP, London, UK

This workshop has produced very positive long-lasting changes in my life. Living a heart-centered life is truly amazing and fulfilling, filled with joy and gratitude at every moment. I highly recommend these training workshops to anyone who is interested in truly experiencing personal growth.

Aixia Zhang, Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Staff Scientist at National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

The wisdom that these workshops carry have the innate quality to assist, to bring forward, to truly facilitate in the other what at the core is longing to surface. I have seen participants change in short periods of time, breakthrough long-held barriers and connect from that core to others and to purpose.

Klaus Baur, Consultant, Facilitator, Therapist, Hobart-Tasmania, Australia

These workshops have been a tremendous help in my personal and professional life. I find I am able to have a positive impact on the High School students I teach, in a way that I was previously unable. I greet each day with joy and am able to meet challenges in the classroom with ease. The students in my classrooms clearly benefit from how I have learned to live a heart-centered life. I highly recommend his workbook and workshops for all teachers.

Annlouise Cirelli, M.A. High School Teacher, New York

This heart-centered approach for personal transformation is practical and easy to use while being grounded in modern science and ancient wisdom. As a psychotherapist and Registered Nurse, I frequently work with stress, anxiety, trauma, and addiction, all of which disconnect us from our own powerful guidance system – the heart. These workshops provide a step-by-step guide for reconnecting us to our heart and to our own natural abilities to heal and grow. My clients have noted benefits as enjoyable and profoundly life-changing. I highly recommend these workshops and this process. Smile, relax and enjoy the journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Pamela Miller Raymond, R.N., LPC, Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Asheville, NC

A wonderful and easy-to-use tool to introduce clients, family, and friends to the benefits of a heart-centered life. As a psychologist working with abused children and their families, living a heart-centered life has been truly important to me. It has helped me understand, support and treat my clients with love and compassion, without draining myself in the process. I am a better professional and a happier human being.

Jennie Barb, M.A., Family Therapist, Panamá City, Panamá

Learning to live a “Heart-Centered Life” within the chaos of our environment can happen and has happened to me! I am grateful for the workshops that transformed both my professional and personal life. As a Registered Nurse, my practice shifted from being “task” oriented to being truly “Heart-Centered.” In my personal life, feeling peace and joy in the here and now is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Margaret Burke, R.N. Columbus, NC

These workshops are a welcomed and easily accessible medium for so many more people to learn how to access and develop this heart wisdom; it is not everyone who can get to his workshops. The workshops are clear, highly practical yet very thought-provoking, challenging many outdated concepts and attitudes we might hold onto. It is hugely beneficial and relevant to all…whatever your walk of life, I have used it personally and also with others I have been coaching.

Jacqueline Gascoyne, M.Sc. Counselor, High Wycombe, Bucks, United Kingdom

This has been an experience beyond what I thought was possible. It has been a journey that has allowed my being to joyfully expand beyond its previous limitations. With deep gratitude, it is my hope that others will have this opportunity.

Barbara O. Bannon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Buffalo, NY

It is very clear that these workshops shake the foundations of what it means to live wholeheartedly. Put simply, the heart-centered approach to living is revolutionary. It challenges us to re-think the idea that our mind is the doorway to our evolution and provides a compelling case that in fact, it is our heart – the center of feeling – that is key to our connection to our life’s purpose. We discover that our heart is not just the center of beautiful feelings, but also the place of innate wisdom. By living with an open heart, we no longer have to live in fear, guarding ourselves, our heart and our lives. It becomes clear that living with an open heart is the key to freedom. As a facilitator of groups, I’ve been adopting this approach because it works. The known art of “holding space” as a facilitator is lifted to a new plane when a person lets their heart be opened and connected. Living with an open heart has suddenly become more than a catchphrase. This is tangible and truly life-changing.

Steve Ray, Groupwork Institute of Australia, Skills for Work, Values for Life, Melbourne, Australia

These workshops are literally life-changing. If you want to dissolve negative emotions and live in feelings of peace, love, and gratitude, attend the workshop and enjoy. You and your clients will be glad you did. I continue to apply and benefit from the things I learned on an everyday basis.

Rene´ McCoy, LCSW, Ph.D. Tallahassee, FL

This is wonderful and easily brought into every aspect of life! A gentleness infuses every moment, enabling me to be more centered and clear. The Heart strengthening technique that is taught is a therapeutic practice I share often with my patients to aid in their healing of mind, body, and spirit. Joy IS the expression of the Heart! Thank you for sharing — so, now I can too!

Kristin Query, Lic. Ac, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Charleston, SC

These workshops provide a pathway to inner peace and calmness no matter what your religious background (if any) might be. It is a concise but detailed step-by-step guide to living life from the very core of your inner being. I was amazed at how they made me re-think and re-examine all aspects of my life, especially the importance of forgiving others and oneself. I highly recommend these workshops to those who are interested in inner growth and a life-transformative practice.

Johan Peters, Program Coordinator, Contemporary Family Services, Hyattsville, MD

I have attended several workshops. They were very deep experiences for me that had a positive and lasting impact on my professional life, my relationships and simply on the enjoyment and appreciation of everything around me. So if you have a chance to attend the workshop I highly recommend that you use this opportunity.

Yevgeny Yuzefovich, Ph.D., Financial Risk Modeling, Washington, DC

More sharing from participants in our Heart Based Therapeutics® certification programs…

“This course is awesome. I continue to upgrade my skills with each module. The specific training in this class has been implemented with several of my clients in Texas. The results for just one of my clients is worth my 17-hour drive one-way.”

“I have already been using some of the tools with my clients…especially my IDD clients and the cross-over exercises are helping them to calm down.”

“I am practicing the provided meditation daily and it seems to be increasing my resiliency and ability to work effectively with clients while maintaining healthy boundaries.”

“I enjoyed the activities and the experiential components of this class. I am eager to learn more about how this practice can be used, not only as a therapeutic intervention but also as means to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.”

“I appreciate the emphasis on gratitude and on enhancing our connection with others.”

“A new and wonderful approach in working with many of my clients.”

“I learned that communication with an open heart that is calm and at peace helps everyone.”

“I plan to use the heart based practices with those clients open to it, which so far is everyone.”