Impact of Our Heart Based Approach at Work and at Home

Heart Based Institute conducted a number of studies, discussed in detail below, to measure the impact of the heart based approach on stress, resiliency, burnout, and positive feelings such as peace, calm, joy, and gratitude. 

Workplace Burnout and Stress Relief

Results from Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, Inc., one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies, partnered with us in introducing Heart Based Meditation as a tool for its employees to reduce and manage stress. As illustrated in the following graph, the measured “before and after” impact on participants was immediate and substantive.

How Relaxed do You Feel Right Now?

Very Relaxed: Pre - 10% / Post - 60%
Pre 10%
Post 60%
Somewhat Relaxed: Pre - 27% / Post 36%
Pre 27%
Post 36%
Neither Relaxed Nor Stressed: Pre - 12% / Post 4%
Post 4%
Somewhat Stressed: Pre - 43% / Post 0%
Pre 43%
Very Stressed: Pre 8% / Post 0%
Pre 8%

How Relaxed do You Feel When You Think About Work?

Very Relaxed: Pre - 2% / Post 22%
Pre 2%
Post 22%
Somewhat Relaxed: Pre - 14% / Post 42%
Post 42%
Neither Relaxed Nor Stressed: Pre - 33% / Post 22%
Pre 33%
Post 22%
Somewhat Stressed: Pre - 39% / Post 10%
Pre 39%
Post 10%
Very Stressed: Pre - 12% / Post - 4%
Post 4%

Personal and Work-Related Benefits

Results from Vaya Health

Vaya Health, a managed care organization providing North Carolina Medicaid funds to mental health agencies, conducted a Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation staff who completed training in Heart Based Meditation. A six-month post-training follow-up assessment revealed high levels of sustained impact.

We also partnered with MAHEC, the largest continuing health education center in Western North Carolina, and conducted training sessions with over 150 human service providers. Each student took an assessment immediately before and after the training indicating their stress, relaxation, and other criteria on a 10-point scale. 

As illustrated below, using a scale rating of 1 to 10, participants rated themselves on average before and after attending a Heart Based Meditation workshop. After just one six-hour course, participants reported a dramatic positive impact.

Felt more relaxed to let go of issues

Felt more calm and grateful

Felt less overwhelmed about life

Felt less overwhelmed about work

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