Give the Gift of Discovering Your Heart this Holiday Season! Read “Your Heart Can Help – The Answer Is Within You”

by Klaus Baur, international heart program facilitator, coach & therapist


Written by Klaus Baur, Your Heart Can Help’ (YHCH) is an insightful and practical self-help guide that explains, in detail, the function of the energetic (or spiritual) heart, its unlimited capacity and transformative power, and how to naturally and effectively unlock its wisdom and day-to-day help. Beyond the book’s six introductory chapters are easy-to-incorporate applications for key life areas: family, children, relationships, friendships, health and well-being, work, personal, and spiritual growth. Additionally, the book features compelling personal stories describing the profound impact that living with ‘more heart’ brings.

Featuring 15 ‘Key Heart Helpers’ and more than 80 experiential heart-helping exercises, YHCH assists individuals, families, couples and friends to enjoy more heart-centered, joyful, love-filled, and fulfilled lives. YHCH offers a grounded, gentle, personal and holistic approach to heart-learning, making it a uniquely comprehensive resource as well as a very special holiday gift. 🎁

Klaus has organized and facilitated community-based and organizational heart workshops for over 10 years on behalf of Natural Way of Living. He trained with Canada’s Inner Heart Solutions and completed Heart Based Institute’s certification training program to become a Heart Based Therapeutics® practitioner. Klaus has also assisted in establishing heart-learning centers in various cities in Australia and Europe including Berlin and Vienna.

“My intention in writing Your Heart Can Help was to share my many years of heart-centered teaching, training and personal experiences and offer an easily accessible path and practice for those who feel an innate longing or a ‘hunch’ but have no experience with the functions or practical use of the spiritual heart.”

Although the heart is always in season, the holidays are an especially beautiful time to share its profound gifts with family, friends, co-workers…everyone! 💞

Klaus Baur author, facilitator, consultant & therapist