Heart Based Support Specialist Certification

Certification Program

Heart Based Support Specialist Certification Program

Duration: 4 Day 8-hour Training | 24 Continuing Education Hours 

Supporting Human Services Providers & Caregivers

The Heart Based Support Specialist Certification Program is specially designed to meet the particular needs and challenges of healthcare, mental health, and human services providers and caregivers. This highly experiential and uniquely enjoyable program is centered around learning a heart based approach to preventing burnout and compassion fatigue and enhancing personal growth, enabling participants to become more effective Peer Support Specialists, coaches, mentors, or therapists.

Preventing Compassion Fatigue

Support Specialists must interact on a very personal level with many people who are facing mental, emotional or substance use challenges. Given this type and level of communication, compassion fatigue is a major problem that frequently occurs not only among Support Specialists, but among all types of human services providers, and it significantly impacts therapeutic effectiveness as well as the quality of one’s personal life. When our heart and mind are in proper alignment, the innate wisdom of our heart guides our verbal and non-verbal responses in a way that best serves the needs of others.

Being a counselor, coach, mentor, volunteer or Peer Support Specialist isn’t just about supporting others in their recovery process – it is about a continued journey of personal self-discovery. Our ability to regulate emotions while remaining relaxed, grounded and heart-centered during challenging encounters is the key to healthy role modeling. Remaining in heartfelt, non-judgmental unconditional regard, learning to diffuse challenging situations, and helping people feel at ease when they are emotionally reactive are also crucial components to being an effective human services provider. In order to establish deep trust and rapport with people while empowering them to hear the voice of truth from their hearts, we must become examples of what it means to live a heart-centered life.

Certification Program Prerequisites

Professionals may begin the Heart Based Support Specialist Certification Program by taking any one of the following core training workshops:

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What Is the Core Curriculum?

The Heart Based Support Specialist curriculum consists of the following individual course components. Each course is an 8-hour training and can be completed in one full or two half days as scheduling permits.

Human services providers are often exposed to stressful and challenging situations in their personal lives, with clients, and within the workplace. As a result, unresolved emotions can become triggered while hindering personal and interpersonal effectiveness as well as overall well-being. Learn a heart based approach for managing and defusing unproductive emotional states. Participants will understand the dynamics of un-forgiveness and different emotional patterns. Deepen the experience of heart-mind alignment and learn to rely on the heart’s connection to unconditional love in order to enhance well-being.

Course objectives:

  • Describe the dynamics of  un-forgiveness, anger, arrogance, and other common emotions.
  • Apply the “Four Step Healing Process” to remove unproductive emotions and improve therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Differentiate performance based perceptions and judgments from positive heart based feelings.
  • Apply the “Forgiveness Process” to forgive self and others at the level of the heart vs. the mind.

A major conference, the National Consensus Conference on Creating More Compassionate Systems of Care, concluded that models of care should be focused on relationships with individuals and communities and that in any health delivery system compassion should be the driving outcome. The World Health Organization has indicated that a mechanistic view of patients is no longer satisfactory, and reports the value of faith, hope and compassion in the healing process. Research has also suggested that compassion is not a technique but a state of being that the practitioner experiences. Participants in this workshop will learn to access and sustain the natural heart-based state of compassionate, non-judgmental, and unconditional regard. Participants will learn to be in Heart Based Presence in their heart zone in order to create client safety, address challenging situations, and increase therapeutic effectiveness.

Course objectives:

  • Describe the keys for enhancing heart-mind alignment and Whole-Person Caring.
  • Differentiate the heart zone, caution zone, and danger zone in the heart-mind alignment model.
  • Identify triggers that interfere with Whole-Person Caring and Heart Based Presence.
  • Practice being in the heart zone with eyes open for enhancing well-being and interpersonal effectiveness.

Throughout history, ancient traditions have emphasized the importance of following our heart, listening to our heart and gaining intelligence from our heart. Research has now investigated heart brain interaction and how positive heartfelt feelings can influence autonomic nervous system balance, emotional regulation and perceptions. Although science has historically viewed the brain as being the source of intelligence, research has indicated that there is quite literally a brain in the heart, and that 60-65percent of the cells in the heart are not muscle cells, but neural cell identical to neural cells in the brain. Improving heart-mind alignment can give access to improved clarity, insights and heart wisdom. Participants will learn to utilize innate heart wisdom for emotional regulation, enhancing creative solutions, and enhancing therapeutic effectiveness.

Course objectives:

  • Differentiate emotional intelligence, emotional reactions, and innate heart wisdom.
  • Recognize unproductive conditioning of client/practitioner that interferes with heart-mind alignment.
  • Apply innate heart wisdom to manage stress, problem solve, and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Apply innate heart wisdom to enhance interpersonal and therapeutic effectiveness with clients.

The uniquely effective module of Heart Based Therapeutics™ will develop skills to build a stronger bond of trust and rapport with clients so that suspicions can be defused. A core focus is learning to utilize a heart based approach to support clients in learning to relax and de-escalate emotional re-activity. Learning to guide clients to experience a deeper sense of heart-mind alignment and positive heartfelt qualities such as peace, calm, joy, and gratitude will also be explored. Learning to become comfortable with challenging client situations, maintaining healthy boundaries, not taking things personally, and remaining in compassionate heart based presence are all critical for therapeutic success and will be covered.

Course objectives:

  • Demonstrate guiding clients to safely relax, be more grounded, and reduce sympathetic arousal.
  • Apply Heart Based Therapeutics™ to defuse unproductive emotions with clients.
  • Practice how to enhance client’s experience of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude.
  • Apply heart based listening and heart based speaking to enhance interpersonal effectiveness.

Special Advanced Certification Opportunity

There is also a special opportunity for human services providers who have fulfilled the Support Specialist Certification requirements to attain status as Certified Heart Based Therapeutics™ Therapists/Practitioners by completing four additional courses and clinical consultation for case study review. Learn more about this advanced program featuring the Emotional Clearing Process – a state-of-the-art therapeutic modality for effectively diffusing trauma, unresolved issues, burdens, and unproductive emotional patterns.

Who Should Attend this Training?

 The Heart Based Support Specialist Certification Program provides valuable in-depth training for any human services provider, including:

  • Licensed medical and mental health professionals
  • Peer support specialists
  • Hospice and other volunteers
  • Caregivers
  • Coaches and mentors

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What Will I Learn in this Training?

Participants will learn and feel for themselves what it means to experience a deeper heart-mind alignment, directly enhancing feelings of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude in daily life. The following simple to learn skills are included in the training:

  • Identify triggers that interfere with Whole-Person Caring and Heart Based Presence.
  • Apply a heart-centered approach to Whole-Person Care to reduce stigma and bridge cultural diversity.
  • Utilize a Heart Based Therapeutics™ approach to emotional regulation in order to enhance well-being of human services providers and clients they serve.
  • Identify triggers that interfere with Whole-Person Caring and Heart Based Presence.
  • Practice being in the heart zone and Heart Based Presence with eyes open for improving interpersonal effectiveness and enhancing the experience of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude.
  • Apply innate heart wisdom to manage stress, problem solve, maintain healthy boundaries, and enhance therapeutic effectiveness with clients.
  • Demonstrate guiding clients to safely relax, be more grounded, and reduce sympathetic arousal.
  • Apply Heart Based Therapeutics™ to deescalate emotionally reactive situations.
  • Demonstrate heart based listening and heart based speaking to enhance therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate guiding clients to safely relax, be more grounded, and reduce sympathetic arousal.
  • Practice how to enhance the experience of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude with challenging clients.

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