Learn to experience positive feelings of the heart, which directly helps alleviate stress, improve performance, and enhance communication.

Heart Based Therapeutics® Educational Programs

Heart Based Institute offers a variety of innovative core training courses and professional certification programs based on our proven-effective Heart Based Therapeutics® curriculum.

Core Training Courses

Our core training courses form the foundation of our proven-effective Heart Based Therapeutics® curriculum. These unique and engaging workshops combine psychological theory with experiential learning to deliver professional training that delivers profound benefits within and beyond the workplace. These core courses may be taken as valuable standalone trainings, or as prerequisites for one of our professional certification programs.

Heart Based Care is an innovative and enjoyable workshop that is specially designed to meet the needs of healthcare and human services providers. Burnout and compassion fatigue among helping professionals is a very serious problem that can result in excessive stress and a variety of unproductive emotions. This not only puts human services providers at risk but also diminishes interpersonal effectiveness and client outcomes. This uniquely effective workshop guides participants to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue by deeply experiencing true heart feelings, such as peace, calmness, joy, beauty, and gratitude, which naturally improves health and well-being. Participants learn how to integrate being heart-centered in daily life, greatly supporting and transforming both human services provider and client.

ENJOY THIS GROUNDBREAKING AND HIGHLY ENGAGING COURSE ONLINE! CEUs are available through our partner, Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC).

Level One–Understanding the Spiritual Dimension of Whole-Person Care provides the theoretical framework for the experiential component presented in Level Two–Enhancing Heart-Mind Alignment.

Additionally, there is a Live Skills Lab which may be taken instead of, or in addition to, Level Two. Level One is a requirement to participate in the Live Skills Lab.

The Spiritual Dimension of Whole-Person Care introduces a holistic heart based approach to understanding spiritual need and naturally experiencing what the literature defines as universal spiritual well-being. Incorporating the spiritual aspect of Whole-Person Care, as well as understanding the role that Whole-Person Caring brings has been undervalued, even though accreditation boards such as JCAHO, CARF and CQL have emphasized its importance. In addition to exploring paradigm shifts in healthcare, the heart-mind alignment model, and the critical importance of the spiritual dimension in Whole-Person Care, participants will experience transformative benefits including enhanced feelings of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude resulting from the natural state of heart-mind alignment.

Heart Based Relaxation & True Source of Love Meditation teaches participants a universal, enjoyable, easy to learn, and time effective heart based approach to relaxation and meditation that naturally promotes health and well-being while reducing stress and preventing burnout. One of the most costly health problems is chronic stress, and this has a direct effect on the quality of our performance, well-being, interpersonal effectiveness, and the care we provide. This experiential, rejuvenating and practical workshop focuses on naturally relaxing and experiencing true heart feelings such as peace, calmness, joy, and gratitude. Participants who have previously been unsuccessful in attempting to relax or meditate frequently report that they were able to easily experience and maintain the many benefits they gained from this workshop. No prior meditation experience is needed. Experience the many profound ways your heart can support you in improving every aspect of your daily life.

Professional Certification Programs

Heart Based Institute offers state-of-the-art Heart Based Therapeutics® certification programs specially designed to further enhance the personal well-being and professional efficacy of Peer Support Specialists, therapists, and a wide variety of other human services providers and professionals.

The Heart Based Support Specialist Certification is a unique heart based training program designed for all human services providers, including Peer Support Specialists, volunteers, and caregivers to become more effective therapists, coaches, and mentors. Participants will learn to have a deeper experience of heart-mind alignment, directly resulting in enhanced feelings of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude in daily life. Included in this state-of-the-art training are easy to learn skills for deescalating emotionally reactive situations, heart based listening and speaking, heart based emotional regulation, being in Heart Based Presence, living in the heart zone, maintaining healthy boundaries, and supporting clients to relax and connect to their hearts. This highly enjoyable and transformative training combines psychological theory with experiential learning, and upon completion of all workshops in this track, participants become Heart Based Certified Support Specialists.

Heart Based Therapeutics® Therapist/Practitioner Certification is a comprehensive and innovative training program that is specially designed for licensed professionals, coaches, mentors and other human services professionals. Participants will learn how to assist others to experience deeper heart-mind alignment and become proficient in the Emotional Clearing Process – a unique core component of this program. This proven-effective therapeutic modality diffuses trauma, unresolved issues, burdens, and unproductive emotional patterns. Multiple psychotherapeutic benefits are received by learning to rely on our heart’s connection to unconditional love. Upon completion of all workshops in this track, participants become Certified Heart Based Therapeutics® Therapists/Practitioners.

Certification Prerequisites

To begin either the Support Specialist or Therapist/Practitioner Certification Programs, professionals can take any one of the following core training workshops:

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