About Heart Based Institute

Heart Based Institute is a 501c3 Non-profit providing training to teach human service providers and organizations how to lead heart centered lives, reducing stress and helping individuals experience a “new normal” characterized by peace, calmness, gratitude and joy.

Why Our Spiritual Heart Is the Key​

The importance of following our heart has been emphasized throughout history and spans cultures, yet we were never taught how to access the peace, joy and calmness that comes from opening our spiritual heart.


Heart Based Therapeutics®​

An overview of Heart Based Institute’s unique curriculum, its methodologies, and courses. Our program utilizes the spiritual heart to reduce stress and improve performance for organizations, human service providers and their clients.

Intro to Source of Love Meditation​

Experience an introductory guiding to this profound, heart based form of meditation. Dr. Ed Rubenstein takes Kelsey through the steps of relaxation, heart strengthening and experiencing True Heart Feelings.

Mindfulness vs. the Spiritual Heart

Dr. Ed Rubenstein, PhD, a psychologist with 40 years experience integrating meditation into therapeutic approaches, explains the profound differences between mindfulness and “heartfulness”…

Unconditional Love vs. "Energy"

What does it mean to have “good energy”? How is this different from experiencing Unconditional Love? How can we experience Unconditional Love in our daily lives?

True Heart Feelings

Exploring the differences between cognitive emotions and the True feelings experienced through our spiritual heart including peace, joy, calmness and gratitude.