10 Benefits of Heart-Centered Living

By Ed Rubenstein, Ph.D., HBI’s Director of Education

Through heart-centered living, profound transformation can occur in many facets of our life. These beneficial changes include:

  • Enjoying true heart feelings (natural expressions of our heart that result in a deeper experience of peace, joy, happiness and gratitude in daily life)
  • Improved health by decreasing the negative effects of stress
  • Reduced emotional reactivity by “responding”, and no longer “reacting” to stressful situations
  • Eliminating feelings of burnout and exhaustion
  • Reduction of conflicts in interpersonal relationships
  • An enhanced experience of intimacy, and genuineness in relationships
  • The ability to forgive those who have hurt us in any way
  • Becoming more patient and accepting of the imperfections in others and in ourselves
  • Letting go of problems and burdens, especially the ones that are beyond our control
  • Being more authentic and genuine while enhancing our experience of meaning, purpose and connection

Living in Heart-Mind Alignment as Our Natural State

Since we’ve been functioning with our mind in charge as the captain for such a long time, the experience of being mind dominant is what we’re accustomed to and what seems normal.  As you learn the simple process of experiencing the true heart feelings of peace, calm, joy, and gratitude, enjoying the benefits of heart-centered living will become more and more effortless.  Living in heart-mind alignment will become our nature, and it will become clear that this is the state we have been seeking.

When we are actively living a heart-centered life rather than one dominated by the mind, our health, relationships and productivity are naturally enhanced while our stress levels and other negative patterns and emotions are dramatically reduced. If we reflect back to the most special times in our life when we felt so deeply moved, grateful and connected, it was our heart, not our mind that was touched.

The Doorway of Our Heart Is the Key Connection

Our deepest knowing, our deepest connections, and our deepest most fulfilling experiences in life are accessed through the heart. Heart Based Institute’s unique workshops help us to tangibly experience our heart so we can naturally experience the many profound and lasting benefits that heart-centered living brings.

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