Join us in continuing to explore the positive impact that Heart Based Therapeutics™ has on all aspects of health and well-being.

Partner With Us on Critical Heart Based Research

Heart Based Institute has partnered with a number of major universities, academic research centers and healthcare providers to explore the positive impact Heart Based Therapeutics™ and Heart Based Meditation has on all aspects of whole-person health and well-being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Studies are currently taking place at Emory University and the University of Maryland.

General research areas include:

  • Health, healing and immunity
  • Treatment and prevention of illness and disease
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Emotional response and regulation
  • Workplace burnout, compassion fatigue and PTSD
  • Brain functions and cognitive learning
  • Love, compassion and gratitude
  • Happiness, well-being and interpersonal and spiritual connection

We are currently seeking partners, grants and other funding sources to continue this critical heart based research.  To collaborate or explore research opportunities, please contact us.